The Agenda for the 2024 NASADHH Annual Meeting is now available

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Welcome to the new cyber home of the National Association of State Agencies of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing! As NASADHH grows as an association, you will see our website grow as well as we add new information and features.


Our purpose is to function as the national voice of state agencies serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and promote the implementation of best practices in the provision of services.


  • To increase public awareness through research, education, and informational activities about the abilities and capacity of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and promote their independence.
  • To provide resources and consulting to improve equal access opportunities to effective communication.
  • To create best practices in the federal, state, and local provision of services
  • To provide a forum for administrators of state agencies to study, deliberate, and act upon matters affecting services to deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • To establish and maintain liaisons with federal agencies and national non-profit organizations as they develop policies and administer programs affecting services to deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • To be a voice on public policies and strategic initiatives to improve programs and services to deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • To collaborate with other national and state organizations that are serving deaf and hard of hearing to promote the common causes.